Three Simple Ways to Generate More Views For Your Existing Content


Three Simple Ways to Generate More Views For  Your Existing Content

If you’re already busy building your product, perfecting its functionality and looking for investors, then sitting down to write a blog post is nearly impossible.

So why not make your existing content as efficient and effective as possible?

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The mistake too many business owners make is to believe that a successful content strategy is about volume.

A well-crafted post can generate its own future content. Remember, your best content strategy will build brand awareness while encouraging both new and repeat revenue streams.

Success in blogging is not about creating 100 blogs but rather creating one central piece of content and then re-purposing it in a variety of ways.


Here are 3 simple ways you can expand on one of the successful blogs you’ve already written:


1 – Create multiple social media posts from your main blog

The idea is to make the words you’ve already written do more work for you. Once you know what your key points are, turn them into social media posts.

  • Identify 10-15 key ideas, quotes, or data points in your main blog to double as corresponding social media posts. Remember, any sentence that is under 140 characters can also be a tweet.


  • Add blog-friendly images, memes and graphics that are easily repurposed as tweets. Apps and software like Canva, Pixabay, and the Pablo App by Buffer are user-friendly tools for generating images.




For example, we took one of our blog posts on social media strategy and expanded into a tweet directed at other industry insiders who would be interested in the material.




2 – Turn your blog post into different formats

Don’t get stuck in the world of scrolling text. The more visual your presentation, the more compelled your audience will be to engage and repost. There are countless easy and effective ways to make a post visually captivating.

  • Distill some, or all, of the information into one or a few images, memes, or infographics. Apps like Canva and Venngage make it almost impossible to mess up. And if you’re still a little shaky on design, fiverr is a great resource to find freelancers.


A simple infographic like this is easy to make and functions great on a homepage, in a tweet or in a Facebook post.




  • Don’t only rely on pictures alone. When scrolling through your feeds on your phone, if you find yourself stopping over videos, your followers are likely doing the same. YouTube has a function for turning Powerpoints into videos. Check  your computer for a default function that allows for voice overlays into slideshows. Later, invest in easy editing software like Camtasia if you want to take your videos to the next level. Remember, No one ever said you have to turn your blog into a Spielberg set piece – a simple Powerpoint or slideshow will do.


  • Organize your visual elements clearly. Apps like Slidedeck for WordPress and Haikudeck present pages in a visually compelling and interactive way. And depending on the information itself Preso can help you organize videos.


3 – Write an “expert roundup” blog post

This is a great way to get your post seen by as many eyes in your field and in your market as possible. By linking, direct messaging and tagging these industry insiders, you open your post to all of their followers as well.

  • Reach out to 15-20 experts in your field with questions that are aligned to your main piece of content. You can use a freelancer or an Upwork VA to help you research and contact these individuals. You can also post the question with a deadline on HARO.

a) Compile the answers into one blog post and remember to give credit to the people who contributed. This will both steer you clear of any intellectual property snafus but will, more productively, keep your industry peers within your circle.

b) Send a note to experts once the blog is live with a link to your blog. Linking, tagging and direct-messaging the contributors disseminates your post to all the people involved and, even more important, their followers as well. Functionality is key, here. Remember to include a “Click to Tweet” function and any other widgets that encourage platform-to-platform intersectionality.

This all boils down to creating a low-maintenance, high-return content strategy.


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Think in terms of post-engagement. This ensures that your blog gets retweeted, reblogged, shared, linked-to, and tagged across all possible platforms.

The tools available to you are almost endless. The only thing more abundant are the opportunities you have turn views into followers and followers into customers.





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