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A global team with 40+ Years of Combined Experience Supporting Fortune 500 and Emerging Brands

We work with amazing business leaders and companies to turn them into global industry influencers. We helped many emerging brands generate 7-figure sales and dominate their industry (in a good way).

We “walk the walk”. We carefully test all of the strategies on our own brand earning us industry and media recognition. We use proven methods to tailor the solution to your needs”.


We are not “just another expensive marketing agency”

With so many digital agencies, marketing consultants and growth hacking teams out there what makes TreDigital different?


Our founders have worked in the digital world since 2000, growing and supporting clients ranging from local emerging brands to Fortune 500 companies.

Technology and product focus

In addition to the product and technology background of our team, we spend countless hours researching the latest technology and methods. We test the new approaches alongside established methods to find a combination that delivers results. Our focus is on creating scalable and repeatable processes.


We have helped emerging businesses scale and grow at the national level. We know which levers to push to accelerate your growth. Our work has been featured in top media and earned several awards, including the Best of  Professional Services and many other awards.



40+ Years of Combined Experience Supporting Fortune 500 and Emerging Brands

“We’ve started in Digital Marketing and advertising in the early 2000, way before Social Media was even invented. Our founders and teams supported many of the household brands and helped many emerging brands generate 7-figure sales.”

Top 1% Social Media Influencers, Keynote Speakers, and Media Contributors.

Our strategies are frequently featured in top media, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Social Media Examiner, and more.

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Not a “one size fits all” program.
All of our successful clients have 4 things in common.


remarkable product

A product or service that stands out from the competition, people love, buy it repeatably, and happily recommend it to others.


bold vision

A bold vision to scale their current sales 10x (if not 100x) and are not afraid to do what it takes (ethically, of course) .


focus on action

Excitement and openness to try new things, keep an open mind and use a data-driven approach to applying their knowledge in the real world.


leadership drive

A passion for shaping the future of the
industry and emerging as a true leader.

Do you have a bold vision and a remarkable product? If you are ready to go to the next level, let’s talk today!

turn your expertise into revenue

Case Studies

Creating a great product is not easy (we know from personal experience). It is even harder to turn it into a recognizable brand in a crowded marketplace.

We now live in a global economy. It is an opportunity to create a truly global presence and reach people in all different parts of the world.

The best way to stand out in this new world is to consistently showcase your knowledge and expertise in a meaningful way.

If you feel that there is a bigger opportunity for your already amazing brand, but you just do not know what to do next, it may be the right time for us to talk.

Client Success

Your success starts with scheduling a call


Start by defining your goals and setting strategy foundation


Set the path for success and implement the proven framework


Take the winning channels to the next level of growth.


Get industry recognition, credibility and trust.


meet the founders



Co-Founder of TreDigital

Matt Dykstra’s digital career started long before the actual term was coined. Right out of graduate school he was recruited by a division of AOL. By the late 90’s he was managing domestic & multi-national teams at Microsoft in a number of roles spanning several groups including MSN & Microsoft World Wide Operations. By the mid-2000’s he left the company and his entrepreneurial spirit and drive led him to the launching of an e-commerce company. With the exponential growth of Digital Marketing & the birth of Social Media, this venture required him to learn a whole new skill set. One which would become his passion & lead the way to the founding of TreDigital, Digital Media Marketing. Today Matt is focused on helping build influencers & companies scale their social media presence. Matt is a frequent contributor to HuffPos and ranked as 1% Global Marketer


The Ultimate Success Roadmap (plus 3 barriers that are holding you back)

The Ultimate Success Roadmap (plus 3 barriers that are holding you back)

How to Build A Thriving Global Brand (with EXPANDED CASE STUDIES)

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