At TreDigital our main focus is your business and audience growth: we utilize the latest lean marketing approaches and technology to find, engage and retain your ideal customers. We believe it starts with the right strategy. But strategy itself is not enough – there needs to be an execution plan. This execution plan is custom to each of you and depends on the stage of growth you are in. We are passionate about long term successes – establishing a powerful online platform for you and your business is at the core of everything we do.


With so many digital agencies, marketing consultants and growth hacking teams out there what makes TreDigital different?

Three things:

  • Experience:  Our founders have worked in the digital world since 2000, growing and supporting clients ranging from local emerging brands to Fortune 100 companies.
  • Results: We have helped emerging business scale and grow at the national level. We know which levers to push to accelerate your growth. Our work has been featured in top media and earned several awards, including Best of 2017 Professional Services Award.
  • Technology and product focus: In addition to product and technology background of our team, we spend countless hours researching latest technology and methods. We test the new approaches along-side established methods to find a combination that delivers results. Our focus is on creating scalable and repeatable processes.


Matt Dykstra

Co-Founder of TreDigital

Matt Dykstra's digital career started long before the actual term was coined. Right out of graduate school he was recruited by a division of AOL. By the late 90's he was managing domestic & multi-national teams at Microsoft in a number of roles spanning several groups including MSN & Microsoft World Wide Operations. By the mid 2000's he left the company and his entrepreneurial spirit and drive led him to the launching of an e-commerce company. With the exponential growth of Digital Marketing & the birth of Social Media, this venture required him to learn a whole new skillset. One which would become his passion & lead the way to the founding of TreDigital, Digital Media Marketing. Today Matt is focused on helping build influencers & companies scale their social media presence. Matt is a frequent contributor to HuffPos and ranked as 1% Global Marketer

Maria Dykstra

Co-Founder of TreDigital

Maria Dykstra is Microsoft veteran with over 14 years of successes in the advertising industry. She led teams supporting Fortune 500 brands and created strategy for digital advertising tools covering $2 Billion in annual advertising revenue. In February of 2012, she channeled her passion for digital technology into a new venture, TreDigital. Its mission is to make digital experience simple while optimizing brand’s marketing budgets. Maria works with emerging technology companies to help them grow their online user base, create profitable marketing funnels and establish online influence. She is a frequent contributor to Huffington Post, Entreprepreneur.com, Social Media Examiner. Her advice is featured in Forbes, FOX News, Business Insider and other top media. In 2016 Maria was named the Top Social Media Influencer and is currently ranked as Top 3% Marketer by Klear.

We are a global team with customers and teams around the world