How To Balance Authenticity and SEO (Without the BS)

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Imagine a world-renowned chef, famous for one signature dish – a melt-in-your-mouth, perfectly seasoned masterpiece.

But the restaurant consultants come in, talking about deconstructed kale chips and avocado foam. They want the chef to ditch her signature dish and create a trendy menu that people think they want.

Sound familiar?

We are all a bit like that chef…

Struggling to find our unique voice in the content creation game while also catering to the trends.

But there is still a way to craft content that’s both SEO-friendly and bursting with your unique perspective.

Here’s the lowdown on 4 simple steps. The key: do NOT overthink the process and be consistent (i.e. rinse and repeat every two weeks or so).

Step 1: Lead with Your Passion

Let’s unleash your inner guru!

Grab a notepad (or your fave digital tool) and brainstorm topics that genuinely excite you.

Don’t sweat themes or keywords yet – just write down everything that gets your tech brain buzzing.

Step 2: Get to the Bottom of Customer Issues

Now, imagine your ideal customer.

What are their biggest tech nightmares?

What kind of content would make them think, “Finally, a CEO who speaks my language!”?

Places like Quora and Reddit are treasure troves for real user questions and problems. What you are looking for are verbatim struggles, pain-points and questions (not general stuff) – Dive in and add those pain points to your growing list.

Step 3: Now It’s time to Hack the SEO System (Shhh, it’s a Secret)

Forget fancy keyword planners for a sec. There are much easier ways to plan content. Let’s get intel straight from the search engine itself.

Pick a topic from your brainstorm and start typing it into Google.

First, note autosuggestions from Google

Second pay attention to the goldmine called “People also ask”

Those are exactly the kind of content ideas you want. Add them to your list.

Step 4: Finally, Your Content Calendar Superpower

Consistency is king, so let’s build a content calendar that rocks. Think about upcoming product launches, industry events – anything that gives your content a reason to shine.

Toss all those topics you collected into an AI platform (think supercharged research assistant) and ask it for help. We find ChatGPT works better for analyzing, summarizing and creating plans.

First ask AI to organize the topics and questions into themes. Then ask it to create a 2-week daily content calendar in a table format with a mix of content types. Easy!

Bonus Tips for Content Champions:

Quality over Quantity:

Don’t be a content machine. Focus on creating informative, bite-sized pieces that address specific customer pain points. Think “straight to the point” and “super helpful.”

Review the content calendar created by AI. If the topic does not feel authentic or helpful, skip it. Trust your gut!

Rely on Data:

I know I said “trust your gut” but also go back and check metrics for your past content. Note what works and build on it during your next planning cycle.

Be a Social Butterfly:

Respond to comments, join discussions, and hang out where your ideal customers are. Remember that question you researched in Step 2? Go back and share your content there!


It is easy to get sucked into the social media vortex. Always set time for that (e.g. 15-min a day).

Thought Leader Status: Unlocked!

Mix up your “how-to” content with insights, industry trends, and even predictions. This positions you as a thought leader and adds mega value beyond just selling stuff.

The Golden Rule:

Create content you’re passionate about that genuinely helps your audience. When you do that, the search engines and happy customers will naturally follow.

Of course, there’s always more to learn. If you’re looking for a deeper dive, check out resources like SEOptimer’s guide on SEO for tech companies or Market Brew’s content creation for SEO guide. These will help you become a master of combining SEO with authentic content creation.

Now go forth and create something awesome!




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