are you ready to dominate your industry?


Global dominance

Become a global brand and turn your brilliance & unique value into revenue. Reach more people and turn them into loyal customers.

video power

Use the video and audio to scale your message to the next level. Become the magnet that draws your audience in.

Power Ads

Add fuel to the industry-domination fire with the right ads strategy. Go from reaching hundreds to reaching millions.

option 1- Global dominance

use the power of content and online platforms to expand your influence globally

Content Marketing is easy. Just write posts daily, share them to all of your profiles and watch sales come in, right?


Most of our clients first struggled with making content marketing work for them. They posted regularly and created exciting content, but saw no results.  The truth is, most businesses don’t use content and social media to the best of its potential. This means wasted time, missed revenue opportunities, and limited customer growth.

We start by defining the messages, creating a sustainable writing schedule, and choosing the right platforms (not the new ones, but the ones that will work). We develop a content strategy that highlights your unique areas of expertise. Then we create an overall plan to create awareness of your offers, establish credibility, grow and engage your audience. The result? Many of our clients see an increase in customers. 

If you have tried content marketing with no result let’s have a talk. 

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Create a Strong Online Brand

Strategy + Daily content curation, audience building, and audience engagement. 

Digital branding 101 & Visual identity

Carry your brand messaging and visual design clearly and consistently through your social media presence

Strategic Social Content Calendar

Create social posts and communication rhythm to clearly articulate your message and to engage your audience

Audience building & Engagement

Proactively reach out to your prospective customers to build an ongoing relationship and trust. 

Seamless Integration with other Programs

Integrate with other marketing activities to make sure there is a strategic connection and a mutually-beneficial relationship


Our clients typically see 7-10x growth in reach, engagement and traffic. We start with proven strategies, adjust them to your brand, and continue to test weekly to maximize your results. 

Option 2 - video power

Use the power of audio and video to build credibility and trust
Use the power of audio and video to build credibility and trust
Presentations are communication tools that can be demonstrations, lectures, speeches, reports, and more. Most of the time, they’re presented before an audience. They have a variety of purposes, making them powerful tools for convincing and teaching.
To create a stunning presentation, it’s best to simplify your thoughts. Start with an outline of topics and identify highlights, which can be applied to whatever subject you plan on discussing.

Build Connections

Tap into video and audio to build lasting connections 

Podcast Editing

You no longer have to worry about creating a perfect podcast on your own. We help you by editing your final product and removing imperfections.

Podcast Distribution

Build it and they will come does not work for Podcasting either. We help you distribute your finished podcast to 20+ key platforms, including YouTube.

Social Assets & Sharing

We create social media-ready graphics and amplify your podcast across key social platforms. You record one podcast and split it into dozens of content pieces. 

Transcripts & More

Not everyone wants to watch or listen +  there is extra SEO value in the written word. We create a transcript for you that you can easily repurpose for a blog and more.


Just one podcast can be distibuted to 20+ platforms and turn into dozens of individual content pieces – it is like a mini content army that goes to work for you to capture hearts and minds of your prospect clients. 

Option 3 - Power Ads

Trust that builds revenue

Go from reaching hundreds to reaching millions. Literally – many of our customers do! 

Organic content is an amazing powerhouse, but it is no longer enough. We supplement many of our programs with a paid advertising solution.

Ads are a great way to test your product and get immediate feedback from the market. When you do achieve the proper product-market fit, ads can scale to the next level of results. Our structured approach to testing ads allows you to maximize your return on ad spend. Our solutions have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Social Media Examiner, and campaigns we ran won industry awards.

Advertisting Commercial Marketing Digital Branding Concept

Build Trust

Trust that sells

Ads Management

We set up different levels of ad campaigns across key platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn and more)


We’ll monitor and optimize your campaigns to ensure a positive return on your ad spend.

Campaign Reporting

You will receive ongoing and end of campaign reports with campaign performance overview and recommendations.


We’ll help you figure out the right strategy for connecting your ad solutions with the other marketing programs you are running

OPTION 3 - INVESTMENT starting at $4,999 + 10% of Media spend

Many of our campaign see a 4-7x ROAS. The process is simple: we decide on the key success metirc and design strategies to meet and exceed the expectations.

Additional Programs

Our trusted partners can help reach the next level of notoriety

Instagram Growth

Just want to see your Instagram grow? We can make it happen. 

Lead Generation

Learn lead generation strategies and approaches. 

Scaling via Earned Media

Who does not want to see their name featured in Forbes of WSJ? Our earned media partners can make it happen.

Digital Strategy Audit

Have your own team, but not sure why things are not working? Ask us about the Digital Strategy Audit.