From Social Media Novice to Social Media Expert in 4 Steps


15 Oct From Social Media Novice to Social Media Expert in 4 Steps

With some time and dedication, you can become an expert in pretty much anything.

With social media playing such big roles in our personal and professional lives, why not excel at that?

Whether in the technology, business, marketing, entertainment, or any other industry, it’s easy to see that social media has become a bigger part for every business.

Therefore, no matter where you are, it can be quite an asset to be a social media pro.

Here are some ways that you can up your social media game:

1 – Read Relevant Blogs

The best way to start picking up on information that may prove useful is to read.

There is so much material out there that you can access for free. By reading books, articles, studies, and any other relevant material you can get your hands on, you can learn things about social media that you can’t pick up anywhere else.

This will also help you figure out how to proceed with your mission to become a social media pro.

You may want to set up content feeds using Feedly, Flipboard or other similar tools to help you sort through content.

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2 – Get to know other pros

There are a lot of other people who are a lot further along the process of becoming social media pros than you are.

These are people who you can learn with. You’ll find quite a number of blogs and podcasts where these people are trying to help individuals just like you who want to learn how to become social media experts.

There are others still out there who lead by example. If there is someone in particular you admire, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask to grab a cup of coffee and pick their brains.

Who knows? You may end up with a new mentor.

Here is a list of my top picks to follow.

3 – Keep an eye on those ahead of the curve

One of the best ways to learn about social media trends is to observe those who adopt the changes first.

Most of the time, these are the younger demographic groups. That said, there are many seasoned professionals successfully riding the social media wave.

People have a variety of devices and use a variety of social media platforms for a variety of different purposes.

They are often more up-to-date with social media trends. By keeping an eye on them, you’ll see the first signs of movement when a new trend begins to emerge.

After some time, these concepts are spread across different platforms and can be transformed into moneymaking endeavors.

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4 – Get experience

After you’ve picked up on some basic information, got to know some people, and spent time observing trends, it’s time for you to get out there and try your hand.

You can’t truly be an expert until you have spent some time in the field. Select the social media platforms that you believe will be of the most value and sign right up.

You’ll often time that the most popular social media sites are the best to start with.

There are billions of users on these sites and you’ll start to learn as soon as you’ve completed setting up your account. These platforms will also serve as points of reference.

As you begin to learn more about other platforms, you’ll notice that several smaller sites react and respond in accordance with the movement from the bigger ones.

Also as you learn more about each social media site, you’ll be able to assess its features and functionality, its design and attractive appeal, and its usefulness or lack thereof.

You’ll be able to narrow down your focus to a few social media sites that you believe offer the most value and as you keep using it for a long period of time, you’ll see how it changes in response to the needs of its users.

This experience will go a long way in helping you make a name for yourself as a social media pro.

As you go along your journey, don’t forget to take some time to lend a hand to people who have just started their social media pro adventures.

Don’t be deterred by the mistakes you may make along the way – it’s a learning process! True professionals never stop learning.

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