4 Sure Signs That You Need a Facebook Ad Agency


21 Sep 4 Sure Signs That You Need a Facebook Ad Agency

So you’ve got a digital marketing strategy. You use Facebook ads, you retarget, you even target your competitor’s customers. So why aren’t you hitting the ROI that you want to?

There’s a chance that your Facebook ad campaign setup was off  OR that a small ad optimization tweak would improve your results.

However, there’s also a chance that you’ve reached the point where you’ve done all you can do from within your company.

In either case, you could benefit from a Facebook ad agency. These experts can potentially turn your Facebook game upside down and help you reach (and surpass!) your goals.

That being said, it’s still important for you to really determine whether it is a financially sound decision that will be beneficial to your company. Here are some things that you should understand:

First of all, you don’t have to fire your entire in-house team when you hire any digital marketing agency.

Your in-house marketing team can greatly augment what an agency can do by providing important creative insight, access to decision-makers and creative content, knowledgeability about the industry and the brand, and a better look into the marketing budget.

An agency can’t do their jobs if they don’t have at least one person who will help them access the creative content they need on the channel that they have to optimize.

By combining the resources of your in-house team and an external agency, you’ll do far more than you could with either alone.

Signs that You Need a Facebook Ad Agency

Sit down and evaluate your business. Really look at it and think about whether you see any of these signs. If you do, you may have a Facebook ads problem.

1 – You’re spending far too much for far too little results

It isn’t a good idea to just toss your marketing budget into unlimited Facebook ads, hoping that the more you spend, the better results you’ll see.

Facebook ads can be tough to understand. You have to start by understanding your business objectives and the people that you are trying to reach. After that, you can determine the type of ads you need and the advertising targets that you should be using.

Facebook Ads Secrets

You’ll often find that an agency can do this a lot more efficiently and effectively than you can – and they’ll probably do it for less than you’re spending, too.

2 – Your resources are used up

Your in-house team can only handle so much. They only have so much time, energy, and marketing tools at their disposal. Marketing involves quite a number of components, and if they are spread too thin, something will fall through the cracks.

You could get decent results on Facebook with basic ads, but why not make the most of your potential with a Facebook ad agency? This way, you can pull people in on Facebook before your competitors can, while ensuring your in-house team can remain dedicated to their other tasks.

3 – You aren’t always caught up on updates and trends

Digital marketing involves quite a number of things. No one can really be expected to stay current and excel at everything.

This is exactly why Facebook ad agencies exist. They are devoted to one specific marketing channel that they excel in. They are agile, up-to-date, and have the technical expertise to ensure that your Facebook advertisements are always ahead of the curve. Oftentimes, you’ll even find that great agencies know people on the inside at Facebook who can help them get a better understanding of how they can serve their customers.

4 – You lack technical expertise

If you aren’t all that experienced when it comes to Facebook ads, you may find yourself spending unnecessary amounts of time understanding the Facebook pixel or the product feed.

Setting up and managing several Facebook marketing tools at one time can be time-consuming, especially when combined with all the other marketing responsibilities you have to take care of.

With a wonderful Facebook ad agency, you can sit back and know that experts are setting up and maintaining your Facebook marketing activities, ensuring everything goes smoothly

In Conclusion

If you’ve noticed two or more of the following signs, it may be time to consider hiring a good Facebook ad agency to help you keep your marketing efforts up to par.

Why juggle marketing tasks that you can’t handle, risking falling behind? With a great Facebook ad agency, you’ll be marketing smarter than ever before. Schedule a FREE call to see if the agency solution is right for you!

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