Facebook, Instagram, 
YouTube and Google Ads
Spend Less. Make More. 
Why You Need Ads?
Besides the obvious reasons such as lead generation, strategically coordinated Search and Social Ads campaigns 
connect your brand with customers at the RIGHT time on the RIGHT device with the RIGHT message
Businesses using ads report a 5-7x increase in revenue on average
Facebook Ads
From Brand Awareness to Lead Gen to Messenger Bots. We set up tracking, create assets, custom audiences, configure your bot and run retargeting.
Instagram Ads
Instagram Photo Ads and Stories are just the tip of the Iceberg. Instagram is rapidly expanding their ad offerings. Let's find the right fit for your business!
YouTube Ads
Did you know that YouTube TrueView ads can generate 500% higher engagement? There are many options available for all budgets. 
Google Ads
Google Ads are more than standard PPC ads. They have robust retargeting capabilities, especially in combination with other channels.
Smart campaigns across multiple channels to maximize results
Your customers are spending their time on several networks at the same time.  Why not create campaigns that will will reach them on the right platform with the right message

Advertisers retargeting their customers with later stage ads see 5-7x higher returns on their marketing investments. Would YOU like to spend less and get more results

Let's work together to design the best campaign for YOUR specific needs. 
"I have NEVER been more excited about advertising. The speed of innovation we see from the top players is unprecedented. New integration and retargeting capabilities are emerging almost daily. Google Ads Unified Marketing Platform has finely tied everything together. I've been waiting for this to happen since my Microsoft Advertising days in the early 2000s"

Maria Dykstra, Co-Founder and Chief Strategist
"When I just started in marketing, we could only do simple PPC text ads. Then basic Facebook ads... I am thrilled about client campaigns we are able to run today. Integrating real-intent search retargeting, coupling it with YouTube TrueView ads and Messenger bots - These campaigns drive crazy ROI for an ad spend that was previously only affordable at a Fortune 100 level"

Matt Dykstra, Co-Founder and CEO
How To Build a Simple, Yet Effective Lead Gen Funnels with Facebook Ads
Facebook Ad work wonders for small businesses. But ONLY if they are used correctly. 
Once the fine is up and running will bring customers to your business. Yes, it will require on-going optimization, but it will also be on auto-pilot 24x7. 

Imaging more people knocking on your door asking for your help!
Are you ready to work together to design your first Facebook Ad Funnel?
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What our customers are saying
"We've never seen results like that before. The campaign exceeded all expectations and results from the previous agency."
Pat T. 
Account Manager 
Flexible Packages to Fit Any Budget
BEST if you are not ready to give up control but need help with fine-tuning your ad strategy
  • Audience and Market Analysis
  • Review of Existing Campaigns 
  • Campaign Set up Recommendations
  • Ad Copy, Asset, Offer Recommendations
  • Funnel Review 
IDEAL if you just need to jump-start your ad strategy, so you can manage it on your own
  • Audience and Market Analysis
  • Comprehensive Analysis of Existing Campaign 
  • New Ad Campaign Setup 
  • Ad Copy, Asset, Offer Creation
  • Funnel Design (1 Funnel)
  • Facebook Pixel Configuration
  • Custom Audience Targeting
  • Remarketing Funnel Design and Setup
PERFECT if you want to take your revenue to the next level with the advanced strategies 
  • Audience and Market Definition
  • Comprehensive Marketing Analysis 
  • Ad Campaign Setup across multiple platforms
  • Message, Ad Copy, Asset, Offer Design and Creation (including video*)
  • Funnel Design (up to 3 Funnels)
  • Facebook Pixel Configuration
  • Custom Audiences Targeting Definition and Design 
  • Remarketing Funnel Design and Setup
  • On-going Strategy Refresh and Optimization (Audience, Message, Funnel, Ads)
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