Get immediate access to easy-to-implement Facebook Ads shortcuts YOU can start using TODAY. 

Learn Simple Shortcuts to  Get MORE Conversions from Your Facebook Ads
NOT Another "How To" Book on Facebook Ads

What is Facebook Ads Secrets? 

* It is NOT a step-by-step Facebook Ads setup guide - rather are critical shortcuts that we learned from spending $10,000 -$25,000 on Ads every month - My entire team uses the SAME formulas daily. 

* It is NOT a comprehensive traffic and conversion training - yet this book will teach you strategies on how to get MORE traffic from your ads and how to convert it for less. 

* It is NOT a collection of outdated strategies that may have worked 3 years ago - this book shows you how to create winning ads today and understand the changes Facebook is implementing. 

FACEBOOK ADS SECRETS is your hands-on guide. 
Creating A Facebook Ad Campaign is simple. Making it work and earning $$ with Facebook Ads is NOT.  If you do not know some of the "hidden landmines" you may end up making critical mistakes that will hurt your campaign. Facebook Ads Secrets will give you hands-on practical knowledge and "in the trenches" insights. It's like having one of our team members be right there as you run your ad campaign.  

Here are some of the questions this guide answers...
  • Why your ad campaign may fail BEFORE it even starts - and specific things to keep in mind while planning your campaign.
  • Why you should forget EVERYTHING you learned about audiences and testing your campaigns - and HOW to find your ideal customers without wasting your budgets on unnecessary testing.
  • ​Why having too much ad budget is almost as bad (if NOT worse) than not having enough - and how to find out what your budgets should be. 
  • How you can ethically spy on your competitors - and learn what is and is NOT working for your industry. 
  • ​How to 10x your conversions by eliminating a few things 

And That's JUST some of the Secrets.
You will also learn my Favorite Copy Formula ...3 Simple Budget Checks... Process for Automating Ad Testing and MORE 

Can you use MORE Traffic and Conversions for your Facebook ads? 
If you are like most business owners, your answer to this question is... YES!

Without traffic coming to your website, you are dead in the water. No matter how FANTASTIC your product is... no traffic means no sales. 

But any old traffic is not good either. 

You need to bring people who are WILLING and ABLE to buy. 

Many people launch Facebook ads in hopes of finding the cheapest ways they can get. In reality, it does not matter how cheap your traffic is. If it does not convert your ads won't work. 

I am not saying that all cheap or free traffic is necessarily bad. But in most cases, it is not enough by itself. 

There’s a common misconception among marketers that Facebook ads are expensive and is something you can’t really dip your feet into until you have a lot of money and experience. 

That MYTH can’t be further from the truth. 

When you compare Facebook traffic to free traffic sources, Facebook wins in almost every category.

Done correctly, traffic for Facebook Ads is: 
-->Virtually unlimited
-->Converts well
-->Can put money in your pocket the same day you run a campaign
-->Scalable… that means once you find a solid campaign, you can turn it into hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day!

Unlike other traffic sources that can take weeks and months to start working… and in many cases, are very limited in the amount of traffic that can be generated. 

So why don’t more people use Facebook Ads?

Because they are scared. 

They either lost money OR they have heard horror stories about marketers that have lost their shirts with paid traffic. 

The truth is, if you know what you doing, you will be successful more than you are not… which means your business will thrive!

Many of our clients have tried to make Facebook ads work on their own. But they ran into issues. Some simple tweaks to their campaigns made a huge difference. 

Each secret is inspired by the "tweaks" we have to make most frequently. 

One thing I do LOVE about ads (compared to FREE traffic) is that difference can be instant. You can literally turn on your campaign in the morning and see money coming to your bank by lunch. If you do it right. 

There is no way you can do it with organic growth. 

BUT the book by itself is NOT magic. But some of the shortcuts you'll learn may feel like magic when the sales start coming in... 

You WILL still have to be patient while applying these secrets and learn what works for you. But I am confident that if you do follow them, you WILL see the difference. 
Get Instant Access to the Top Facebook Ads Shortcuts - These Will Take You Months (and Cost Thousands of Dollars) to Learn on Your Own
Ugh... yet another "How To" book... 
I know... I know... 

You are bombarded by the Marketing Gurus promising instant results. It all sounds good as no or little knowledge or effort required from you... 

I see them everywhere, too. I am still laughing at the latest ad I just saw. This gentleman spent <aka wasted> $1,000,000 on Facebook Ads and was going to share his learnings so YOU can earn millions... 

If things sound too good to be true... They probably are... 

The truth is, you will not make a million dollars right away or magically gain years-worth of marketing experience overnight. 

Sadly, It does not work that way. 

But you CAN get access to the simple shortcuts that can SAVE you thousands of dollars and help you UNDERSTAND key concepts so you can start with a solid foundation. 

👉 If you’re looking for Facebook strategies that work, you need to get advice and learn strategies from people who practice them every day.

So why should you trust me

I got into online marketing by accident. It was early 2000 and the dial-up internet was the state of the art. I had no idea that the "shift manager" position I accepted meant managing a team of ad campaign managers and working with the Fortune 100 brands. 

My team manually placed their ads on to Microsoft Content Delivery network. We literally manually added images via the ad server and then pushed a button to see it on the websites... 

It's like a "rotary phone" version of online advertising. 

I had many roles in my 14-year Microsoft Advertising career - from integrating social data (yes, data from 2005 version of Facebook and Twitter) to managing Fortune 100 ad campaigns to planning a revamp of the ad servers running one billion ads per month...

Fast Forward to 2012 - My partner and I started an online agency. I knew a LOT about advertising industry and technology so it was a perfect career move....

 ...BUT I never ran an online business on my own, so it was a scary experience at first.

 Within a year the agency was making good money, but it was still a local business mostly relying on referrals and word of mouth to find clients.

Our main focus at that time was organic social media. We did help many brands to grow from the ground up. Some of them are multimillion-dollar businesses now. 

But it was frequently a rollercoaster-ride. We knew that we needed a predictable lead-generation system (both for our clients and for ourselves). 

That's how we got into funnels and paid traffic.

In the last 4 years, TreDigital grew to a global online brand with the majority of revenue coming from online marketing powered by content marketing systems and paid traffic. 

I was named Top 100 marketer and Top 1% marketer, my agency won many awards for the work we did. My advice was featured in many industry publications. 

I am not bragging... just merely sharing a few reasons why you would listen to me... 

In reality, all of that does not matter unless you learn the key shortcuts that can help YOU make huge that huge leap.

I have to admit, Facebook ads can be tough - All of the changes make it hard to keep up, even for an industry veteran like myself. 

This guide is designed to help you learn some of the top shortcuts so YOU can apply them to your own campaigns. 

Get the Facebook Ads Secrets Guide TODAY at 90% OFF PLUS these exclusive Bonuses

Bonus #1: Facebook Ads Secrets - One Pager

A readers' digest version of the key Facebook Ads Secrets. 

Keep this one-pager in front of you as you create your ads. It includes simple formulas, repeatable processes, and little-known shortcuts to help you get more traffic from your ads.
Bonus #2: Cheatsheet for Improving Organic Facebook Reach
37 Ridiculously Simple Ideas for Improving Organic Reach and Engagement.

You may ask: Why does organic traffic and engagement have to do with ads? The answer is: everything! Cost of ads is directly tied to the engagement. Learn 37 simple ways to improve your organic page performance that will in turn reduce the cost of ads.  

Bonus #3: A checklist with 33 FREE or Low Cost Traffic Sources
Tap Into Additional Traffic Sources.
Facebook Advertising is just ONE of many sources of traffic. There are quite a few additional ways to drive qualified leads to your offer. Get this list of 33 FREE or Low Cost traffic sources that you can experiment with. 
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If for some reason this product does not exceed your expectations, just return it for full refund (no questions asked) and you even get to keep it and all the bonuses. 
Here’s A Recap Of
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Facebook Ads Secrets Guide packed with practical formulas, processes and shortcuts to improve your ROAS.

A one-pager with a summary of all key secrets so you always have them handy for your next ad campaign

A cheatsheet with 37 easy-to-implement ideas for improving your organic reach and traffic. 

A checklist with 33 additional free and low-cost ways to generate traffic and website visits to your offers. 

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