6 Reasons Why YOU should write a book


What if I told you that you could and should write a book. It may seem out of your reach, however, it is not that difficult any more.

Back in the 1950’s, having a book published meant years of writing, followed by years of sending proposal letters to publishers.  Even then, only a select few were lucky enough to have their book published.  Fast-forward to today…  Thanks to advances in the technology and a surge in self-publishing options, close to 500,000 titles were published last year alone. This means that anyone can write and publish a book.

I once heard someone say “In today’s connect world, having a published book is essential for building one’s credibility, visibility & to easily open doors that otherwise are likely to stay closed.” I cannot agree more. Nowadays, if you want to be taken seriously as a business leader, you must have a book.

With a published book comes fame, fortune and a “published author” status…. Well, maybe fame and fortune are a bit of an exaggeration… but there are 6 reasons why YOU should consider writing a book.

1- It is better than a business card.   It helps you make a lasting first impression that goes far beyond a simple 3.5×2.0 in card to make a statement

2- It builds your credibility.  Your book is an opportunity to expand on your credentials and expertise.   It is a platform for you to showcase the years of researching and mastering the art of what you do

3- It presents you as an influencer.  THIS is the year of influencer marketing.   Your book is a wonderful platform to influence hearts and minds of as thousands of people

4- It helps market your business.   Think of your book is the best marketing brochure you can ever have.   It is designed to spur curiosity, conversation and recommendations – which are of course, the best way to spread the word about your business.

5- It can win you business.   Your book can serve as a sales pitch on your behalf.  The reader will get to know you, your ways of thinking, and your approach before you ever have to “pitch”.

6- It differentiates you from the crowd.   While, there are a lot more books popping up every day, the reality is that few your competitors have probably written their own book yet.    It gives you an edge above the competition

So the question emerges… Is writing a book for you?  While writing a book today is not as difficult as you might imagine, it still takes time, effort and courage to publish a book worthy of you and your brand.




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