3 Reasons You Are Not Getting Sales – How to Do a Digital Marketing Audit


One of our clients called.

She is getting great growth and engagement on Social Media. A lot of traffic is coming to the website. The visitors are spending quite a bit of time browsing the pages.


She is just NOT getting many sales.

The big question is WHY.

Together we reviewed her Digital Marketing strategy. The goal was to identify specific reasons why she was not getting sales.

We started by looking at the top 3 Reasons online businesses fail to generate online sales and revenue.

We then broke these down into critical components and reviewed them further.

With small tweaks, we were able to get her business on track and revenue started flowing back into the business.

It is always very exciting to see how a small change creates such a big impact on the bottom line.

If you are struggling to generate sales online, this article will you a systematic way of looking at your digital marketing strategy. It will help you to identify holes.

Reason # 1 – You are not relating to your customers

Every marketing book tells you to start with the audience. This likely means that you already have your ideal customer profile identified.

But the key mistake I see many business owners (including our client) make is not connecting with your customers in a way that resonates with them.

Some of the things to consider:

Are your social media and website images aligned with your audience?

For example, if you are targeting affluent women 35+, using the images of a young model in her early 20s may not resonate.

Also, Social Media users are burnt out on the generic repetitive images. They are craving a real behind-the-scenes story. A lower resolution image shot with your phone frequently performs much better than a professional picture.

Are you using the language that your audience relates to?

Each target group has its language. Stay away from using professional, official jargon.

Learn the language your audience is using by reading online forums, reviews, their own social media profiles.

Speak in a plain, relatable way. Shorter, more actionable sentences are easier to read and di

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Are you on the right online channels?

Rather than chasing a new “shiny object” in online marketing, opt-in for the tried and true channels.

Learn where the magic happens and go there. Facebook is declining with the younger audience, but it is still the “go-to platform” for the more mature generation

LinkedIn is reaching a more professional audience vs. Pinterest and Instagram Stories that are consumed for leisure

If you try to share a wrong message on the wrong platform it will fall on the dear ears.

Are you driving enough traffic to your website?

Online sales is a numbers game. Not everyone who makes it to your website will complete the purchase.

Reverse engineer your sales goals to learn how many visitors you need to send to your website to make your revenue numbers.

For example, if you know that every 10th visitor to your website signs up for your offer, then to reach 100 sales, you need to have at least 1000 visitors.

Your next question is to understand what channels will deliver you these visitors at the best possible cost.

Ideally, you will drive traffic via SEO, email, and organic social media. However, if you are looking to achieve scale and create a predictable flow of leads to your website, advertising is the way to go.

Test Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other forms of advertising to see which delivers the best results.

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Reason # 2 – You are Not Thinking About Your Customer’s Buying Experience

No matter how hard you try, most customers will not buy your product when they see it for the first time.

Therefore, connect all of your marketing activities into the overall buying experience (also known as a funnel).

A successful online strategy has at least one or activities for each of the funnel level

Does your Top of Funnel marketing engage and build trust with your future customers?

Posting and Conversing with followers on Social Media are great examples of your top-level activities. They start a dialog and create an initial trust.

Creating and/or Curating content is a perfect way to give a flavor of who you are.

Whether it is a short education video or a blog post or a collection of tips and best practices.

At this stage, your goal is to deliver value, build a tribe of followers, make the first connection.

Boosting (or creating Engagement Ads on Facebook) will allow you to expand your reach and be more precise with your audience targeting.

You can still introduce a Call to Action at this stage (and some people may buy), but do not expect to see a lot of conversions. At least not yet.

Are your Middle of the Funnel activities move people to the next steps in your buying process?

Not everyone will engage with your posts.

And it is OK. Focus on those who showed interest in either.

Retargeting is one of the best ways to continue engaging with your future customers.

Retarget Users with Specific Offers Customized to Their Engagement Level.

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At this stage, focus on the users who interacted with your content, social media pages, posts, email.

Show them additional content related to the content they engaged with. Take your Call to Action to the next level by offering a downloadable content.

Webinars are another great way to build a connection with your audiences.

Are your Bottom of the Funnel activities relevant, offer-based and invite people to buy?

The bottom of the Funnel also heavily relies on retargeting. But the main differences are a) precise segmentation of users and b) direct call to action.

While in the previous steps you go after users who engaged with your page in general, at the Bottom of the Funnel your Call to Action will be very different depending on the users and actions they took.

For example, people who opened your email may get a different offer than the people who opened your email and clicked on the link but did not buy.

You can also retarget people who performed certain actions on your site (viewed content, added to cart, bought the product).

For example, people who added your product to the cart, but did not buy may have been distracted. If you remind them about the product waiting for them in their cart, they are likely to complete the purchase.

If you are running an eCommerce store, Dynamic Retargeting is your secret weapon.

Facebook allows you to set up all of your products in the product catalog and then creates automatic campaigns targeting people who viewed specific products.

Do not forget about retargeting your existing customers with upsell offers and additional product launch notifications.

Reason # 3 – Your Website Is Not “Purchase-Friendly”

Even if you are a social media genius bringing thousands of visitors to your website, they will not buy unless you create a seamless buying experience.

Is your website easy to navigate?

Resist the temptation to create a complex website.

If your goal is to generate online sales, think about the layout and the functionality.

For an eCommerce website, it is important to showcase your products side-by-side with user reviews, shipping options, and sizes. Make it easy to add products to the cart and comparison shop.

3×3 product layouts work best – show several products on the same screen and allow users to customize their views.

Add elements that are critical to incentivizing purchase:

Do not overwhelm buyers with too many options, but give them at least 2 different choices.

Add social proof. People love to see other people using or buying your product. A simple plugin that tells users that someone else just purchased your product adds a “peer-pressure” effect and drives conversions up.

If you are selling information products give users an option to sample your product via short informational videos, downloads, webinars.

For consultants it is critical to share testimonials and have a blog that shares some of the nuggets of your knowledge.

Limit your menu options to the ones educating your web visitors about your services and products. Everything else can be moved to the bottom of the page.

Are your Calls to Action clear, compelling, and benefits-oriented?

What do you want your web visitors to do when they first land on your website?

Think about the most logical place where they can start a journey into your product experience.

Whether it is a FREE trial, a FREE consultation, a FREE webinar, make sure users clearly understand the benefits this offer will deliver to them.

Leading with “Sign up for a FREE newsletter” no longer works. Invite them to a webinar on 3 Top Ways to Improve Your Sales Process and Generate more Revenue.

Questions to ask if your sales are low
Key Questions to ask if your sales are low

Does Your Website Help Users Navigate to the Next Step in Their Journey

Ok, you are successful in convincing people to click on the Call to Action. Now what?

Think through what the next logical step is and lead people to that step.

If you take people to a FREE download on your page, do you then show them a Thank you page with an upsell offer?

Do you also have a follow-up sequence in your email or a retargeting sequence via Facebook and Google Ads?

How do you follow up with people 2 days, 5 days, 10 days after they downloaded your products?


Generating online sales and revenue can appear as a daunting task. There are many different tasks to keep track of. One simple mistake can cause you thousands in lost revenue. Review each part of your Digital Marketing Strategy carefully to identify a missing part. Make small tweaks and test them.

Need a Digital Marketing Audit for your business?

We’d be happy to jump on a FREE 30-minute call to brainstorm some of the top reasons. Click HERE to schedule a call today

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