Grow Digital Presence and Online Influence

step 1 – curate content

With 2.3 Billion active social media users, company leaders can no longer ignore the need to build a social media platform for their executive brand. If you never created unique content, content curation is a first logical step for you. Top Industry Influencers consistently share thought leadership via social media channels, but it is not always their own content. You can still establishing strong brand presence via compelling and thoughtfully curated content created by other influencers in your field.

step 2 – curate content

Imagine that you have already create a large community on social media. You are sharing your thought leadership content daily and engaging with your fans. How do you take it up a notch? Creating your unique content is the next logical step for you. But before you start writing your first blog, spend some time creating a content strategy. To gain real value out of your content ensure that every piece of your content be strategically connected. Every tweet is tied to a blog; every blog is tied to a book; every book is elevating you as a thought leader.

step 3 – influence industry

Your ultimate goal as a thought leader is to transition from company leadership to industry leadership. Strong social media presence and a wealth of content are great first steps. How do you take it up a notch? Building connections with other industry influencers, presenting at large events, and being featured in media are you next steps in building your influence.