04 Oct Top Social Media Resources (and 17 best articles) for Emerging Influencers

Influencers are ordinary people, like you and me. The main difference is that they figured out how to use their internet-enabled device to build an online platform. They gain trust and respect of their audience by delivering value and sharing their opinions.

Influencers range from top CEO executives speaking on behalf of their company to 6-year old kids making millions via their YouTube channels. 

Social Media leveled the playing field for those who are  to become Online Influencers. Yet, in my many conversations with established thought leaders, I hear the consistent theme: People are threatened and overwhelmed by social media.

They do not know how to become an influencer. More specifically, they do not know where to start or how to focus their time.

Building your influence is important if you are trying to reach a broader audience. People listen to people more than they listen to brands. Tleadership2

You will not become an influencer overnight. It takes time, patience and dedication. You gradually expand your circles of influence. At times you may feel like you are going nowhere.

However, if you do not get started, you will never get there. Learning about social media is your first step on the journey of becoming an influencer.

I have compiled a list of my favorite resources and top articles on how to build your influence with social media.

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner shares daily articles on the latest trends, tools, and marketing practices. Each of their articles goes through a rigorous editing process to ensure accuracy and relevance of information. Social Media Examiner writers are carefully vetted by the skillful editorial staff. It is one of the best and most accurate sources of information I found.

Every article is packed with examples and practical tips. These are simple enough for you implement right away. Unlikely many other publications, Social Media Examiner’s focus is purely on social media. As the result, you get very relevant and detailed information on a broad spectrum of social media covering top social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) as well as the quickly growing newcomers (Snapchat or Periscope).

Social Media Examiner’s focus is purely on social media. You get detailed information on top social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) as well as the quickly growing newcomers (Snapchat or Periscope).

Top Articles to Consider 


In addition to social media articles, you will also find information on how to grow your email list and how to be more productive. Hubspot content team is skilled at the online lead generation game. You will find ebooks, templates, and other materials available for download.

Besides learning about tools and tips for social media,  pay attention to how Hubspot is using social media and content to convert you into their customer. Once you master the social media game, you can start implementing some of their more advanced content practices into your own marketing mix.

Top Articles to Consider


Social Media Week 

Social Media Week hosts many events around the globe. Check their robust calendar to see if there is an event near you. You can also count on Social Media Week to cover some of the latest trends and technologies in social media. I particularly enjoy their 60-second tips. Each of them has a short actionable piece of advice that can be implemented right away.

Top Articles to Consider 


Social Media Today

Social Media Today publishes a lot of  tactical information on the latest social media tools, platforms, and trends. They also feature posts by the Social Media Influencer community. You can learn a lot from different perspectives. Another favorite of mine is their special column. In this column, you can learn more about different industry specific applications of social media. Or intersection of social media and hot topics such as politics.

Another favorite of mine is their special column. In this column, you can learn more about different industry specific applications of social media or how social media plays a role in the hot topics such as politics.

Top Articles to Consider 


If you are looking for research-backed points on any of the marketing trends, eMarketer will be your go-to resource for data. They have the most accurate information on Social Media Usage, Ratings and Ranking, Social Media Ad Spend, Mobile Usage, Real-time marketing and much more.

While they target more advanced marketers with their research, you will still find a lot of useful charts and graphs to help you learn more about social media marketing.

Top Articles to Consider



In addition to being a top social media management platform, Hootsuite has created a strong body of social media related content. You can peruse many of the social media management guides on the latest social media platforms. They cover very specific topics on how to get started on a particular social media platform to the broader overview of social media trends.

Top Articles to Consider



Buffer has a lot of tactical information on the variety of social media platforms. It also runs a popular podcast with the real-life stories, and ideas from the top influencers in social media marketing.

Top Articles to Consider



Building your influence is hard, but it is worth it in the end. Whether your goal is to stand out from the competition or to differentiate yourself as a personal brand, learning how to become an influencer will pay off in the long run. Learning more about social media as the first step in gaining your online influence.



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