Content Strategy

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09 Aug Instagram Stories: Is it Snapchat for Adults or Is there More to It?

Instagram created quite a buzz when it launched its Snapchat-like Stories functionality. Many marketers are still trying to decide whether these are just a fad or if it is time integrate Instagram Stories into the marketing mix with full force. It may be too early to tell, but I do not see Instagram Stories going anywhere soon. With 500 million...

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Vantage Points

27 Jul Not all Content Is Created Equal: How to Align Your Blog Format with Your Goals

It is very rare to see a business owner who does not blog. However, the majority of the content is still ignored by the readers. Only a few blogs are shared and even fewer see comments. At times it feels that you are talking to yourself. [bctt tweet="Over 85% of published content is ignored by the readers. " username="@tredigital"] There...

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22 Jul From Internal “Why” to Industry Thought Leadership: 4 circles of influence

Every time I mention thought leadership in a conversation, I see people's eyes light up. Along with digital influence and personal branding, thought leadership became a popular topic as of late. Thought leaders rarely emerge by accident. They typically follow a strategic plan producing remarkable content shared via multiple channels. A true thought leader consistently addresses critical questions and helps her audience...

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