10 Feb Why I unsubscribed from ALL marketing lists and ONLY pay attention to 5 marketers

Do you receive a lot of junk email in your inbox? Daily reading and content curation are the only way to stay on top of the marketing news. If you read a lot, you are bombarded with FREE offers. Content marketing is THE most popular marketing approach for B2B companies. The moment you give your email address, you receive...

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23 Jan Top 2017 Marketing Trends you can no longer ignore: Livestreaming, Chatbots, Influencers and more

Every 10-15 years technology completely changes our lives. TV, Computer, Internet, Microwave over, smartphones - can you imagine our lives without them? This change does not happen overnight.  Technology exists for a while waiting for a simple modification to give it mass appeal before it spreads like a wild fire. Did you know that the first smartphone was actually invented...

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