31 Mar Attract 300 + people to your event in just a few weeks (part II – Create event buzz)

Regardless of whether your business is focused on other businesses or consumers, running and participating in events should be a part of your marketing strategy. Jeff Walker, a creator of a Product Launch formula, recommends frequent product launches  and events as part of your on-going marketing strategy.In my previous post I talked...

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Twitter Acronyms from the past 9 years

24 Mar Twitter, 140 Characters & 9 Years of Acronyms

Twitter was created in March of 2006 & launched to the public in July the same year.  Like it or not, at 140 characters & just one year shy of a decade old, Twitter (along with other Social Media channels) has dramatically impacted how we see the world, businesses market...

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Facebook Marketing, is it still worth it?

19 Mar Is Facebook Marketing Still Worth The Effort?

Since it's IPO (May 2012), Facebook has dramatically shifted how it determines your reach.  That in turn it has impacted the effectiveness of unpaid promotional material on Facebook and thereby for many businesses the effectiveness of their Facebook presence. In 2014 Edge Rank Checker reported a 40% drop in reach for...

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