Vantage Points

27 Jul Not all Content Is Created Equal: How to Align Your Blog Format with Your Goals

It is very rare to see a business owner who does not blog. However, the majority of the content is still ignored by the readers. Only a few blogs are shared and even fewer see comments. At times it feels that you are talking to yourself. [bctt tweet="Over 85% of published content is ignored by the readers. " username="@tredigital"] There...

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22 Jul From Internal “Why” to Industry Thought Leadership: 4 circles of influence

Every time I mention thought leadership in a conversation, I see people's eyes light up. Along with digital influence and personal branding, thought leadership became a popular topic as of late. Thought leaders rarely emerge by accident. They typically follow a strategic plan producing remarkable content shared via multiple channels. A true thought leader consistently addresses critical questions and helps her audience...

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04 Jun Three Simple Ways to Generate More Views For Your Existing Content

Three Simple Ways to Generate More Views For  Your Existing Content If you’re already busy building your product, perfecting its functionality and looking for investors, then sitting down to write a blog post is nearly impossible. So why not make your existing content as efficient and effective as possible? [bctt tweet="If you’re not...

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Content Template

01 Dec How to Plan and Promote Your Content

When I ask about the biggest content marketing challenge, repurposing and promoting content always comes to the top of everyone's list. However, most content creators fail to get the most value out their content. Planning your content goes beyond an outline of topics. It also includes thoughtful repurposing of your content and strategic content promotion plan. If each...

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